Christopher McPhillips



Social Media & Marketing Consultancy

We offer a full marketing and social media consultancy including a full year plan of content topics to write about. We get to know you, your company and your customers

Professional Blogging & Copy-Writing

Sometimes you have an idea of what but don’t know how or when. We have you covered. 

Social Media Account Management

Social Media can be time consuming. We help you along the way we can look after your social media accounts for you. Then you can get on with running your business.

Life & Executive Coaching

Life and Executive Coaching is a progressive way of improving you and reach your goals.

Interior Design & Supply

We can help you with complete refit, redecoration and interior design. Sometimes you have to treat your staff, as well as your customers.

Affiliate Referral Programme

Our Affiliate Referral programme is becoming one of the most popular around. We work with hand picked companies and go the extra mile to secure good deals and introductions to the companies we actually use ourselves.