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Assetereum ICO


Last year I partnered with a company called E-Conomize to work with my local communities, helping them save money and earn money. It was a pretty easy choice for me; help people without having to work towards targets, no hard selling, no bullying, just help. 

Just like Jerry Maguire said to Rod Tidwell Help me… help you. Help me, help you.

I wanted the chance to help people, and be rewarded for it. Yes, I get paid a small commission for helping people save and earn £100’s. That is something that many people find very uncomfortable saying. I do this to earn money and put food on the table. 

Fast forward to now and I have helped so many people and now the company is taking things to a new level. This brings me to Assetereum. The newest opportunity to hit the market. I’m calling out to experienced cryptocurrency investors and people who are keen to get involved. 


An Asset Backed Crypocurrency Business Opportunity

"I’m delighted to have Assetereum on board. To my knowledge, this is the first global sporting event that has been sponsored by a cryptocurrency. The addition of their coins to the prize fund could see this grow to be the largest snooker prize ever!"
Jason Francis
Jason Francis
Creator of the Snooker Legends Tour

Who is it for?

  • People in debt or financial difficulties
  • People who are not yet on the property ladder
  • Students & Young People
  • People looking to retire
  • People who want to secure their financial freedom

2 Types of Crypto Currencies

Proof of Work (PoW)

This included the likes of Bitcoin, Ethereum and ZCash

Proof of Stake (PoS)

This includes the likes of Dash, Neo and PivX

There are over 1400 different types of cryptocurrencies out there, and I am sure you could tell me about your favourite one, or indeed the ones that have made you money up to now.

Proof of work describes a system that requires a not-insignificant but feasible amount of effort to deter frivolous or malicious uses of computing power, such as sending spam emails or launching denial of service attacks. The concept was adapted to money by Hal Finney in 2004 through the idea of “reusable proof of work.” Following its introduction in 2009, bitcoin became the first widely adopted application of Finney’s idea (Finney was also the recipient of the first bitcoin transaction). Proof of work forms the basis of many other cryptocurrencies as well.

This explanation will focus on proof of work as it functions in the bitcoin network. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is underpinned by a kind of distributed ledger known as a “blockchain.” This ledger contains a record of all bitcoin transactions, arranged in sequential “blocks,” so that no user is allowed to spend any of their holdings twice. To prevent tampering, the ledger is public, or “distributed”; an altered version would quickly be rejected by other users.

The way that users detect tampering in practice is through hashes, long strings of numbers that serve as proof of work. Put a given set of data through a hash function (bitcoin uses SHA-256), and it will only ever generate one hash. Due to the “avalanche effect,” however, even a tiny change to any portion of the original data will result in a totally unrecognisable hash. Whatever the size of the original dataset, the hash generated by a given function will be the same length. The hash is a one-way function: it cannot be used to obtain the original data, only to check that the data that generated the hash matches the original data.

Generating just any hash for a set of bitcoin transactions would be trivial for a modern computer, so to turn the process into “work,” the bitcoin network sets a certain level of “difficulty.” This setting is adjusted so that a new block is “mined” – added to the blockchain by generating a valid hash – approximately every 10 minutes. Setting difficulty is accomplished by establishing a “target” for the hash: the lower the target, the smaller the set of valid hashes, and the harder it is to generate one. In practice, this means a hash that starts with a long string of zeros: the hash for block #429818, for example, is 000000000000000004dd3426129639082239e

That block contains 2,012 transactions involving just over 1,000 bitcoin, as well as the header of the previous block. If a user changed one transaction amount by 0.0001 bitcoin, the resultant hash would be unrecognizable, and the network would reject the fraud.

Since a given set of data can only generate one hash, how do miners make sure they generate a hash below the target? They alter the input by adding an integer, called a nonce (“number used once”). Once a valid hash is found, it is broadcast to the network, and the block is added to the blockchain.

Mining is a competitive process, but it is more of a lottery than a race. On average, someone will generate acceptable proof of work every ten minutes, but who it will be is anyone’s guess. Miners pool together to increase their chances of mining blocks, which generates transaction fees and, for a limited time, a reward of newly-created bitcoins.

Proof of work makes it extremely difficult to alter any aspect of the blockchain, since such an alteration would require re-mining all subsequent blocks. It also makes it difficult for a user or pool of users to monopolise the network’s computing power, since the machinery and power required to complete the hash functions are expensive.

Source –

Proof of Stake (PoS) concept states that a person can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins he or she holds. This means that the more Bitcoin or altcoin owned by a miner, the more mining power he or she has.

The first cryptocurrency to adopt the PoS method was Peercoin. Nxt, Blackcoin, and ShadowCoin soon followed suit.

The proof of stake was created as an alternative to the proof of work (PoW), to tackle inherent issues in the latter. When a transaction is initiated, the transaction data is fitted into a block with a maximum capacity of 1 megabyte, and then duplicated across multiple computers or nodes on the network. The nodes are the administrative body of the blockchain and verify the legitimacy of the transactions in each block. To carry out the verification step, the nodes or miners would need to solve a computational puzzle, known as the proof of work problem. The first miner to decrypt each block transaction problem gets rewarded with coin. Once a block of transactions has been verified, it is added to the blockchain, a public, transparent ledger.

Mining requires a great deal of computing power to run different cryptographic calculations to unlock the computational challenges. The computing power translates into a high amount of electricity and power needed for the proof of work. In 2015, it was estimated that one Bitcoin transaction required the amount of electricity needed to power up 1.57 American households per day. To foot the electricity bill, miners would usually sell their awarded coins for fiat money, which would lead to a downward movement in the price of the cryptocurrency.

The proof of stake (PoS) seeks to address this issue by attributing mining power to the proportion of coins held by a miner. This way, instead of utilising energy to answer PoW puzzles, a PoS miner is limited to mining a percentage of transactions that is reflective of his or her ownership stake. For instance, a miner who owns 3% of the Bitcoin available can theoretically mine only 3% of the blocks.

Bitcoin uses a PoW system and as such is susceptible to a potential Tragedy of Commons. The Tragedy of Commons refers to a future point in time when there will be fewer bitcoin miners available due to little to no block reward from mining. The only fees that will be earned will come from transaction fees which will also diminish over time as users opt to pay lower fees for their transactions. With fewer miners than required mining for coins, the network becomes more vulnerable to a 51% attack. A 51% attack is when a miner or mining pool controls 51% of the computational power of the network and creates fraudulent blocks of transactions for himself, while invalidating the transactions of others in the network.

With a PoS, the attacker would need to obtain 51% of the cryptocurrency to carry out a 51% attack. The proof of stake avoids this ‘tragedy’ by making it disadvantageous for a miner with a 51% stake in a cryptocurrency to attack the network. Although it would be difficult and expensive to accumulate 51% of a reputable digital coin, a miner with 51% stake in the coin would not have it in his best interest to attack a network which he holds a majority share. If the value of the cryptocurrency falls, this means that the value of his holdings would also fall, and so the majority stake owner would be more incentivised to maintain a secure network.

In addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC) also uses the PoW method. Nxt (NXT) is an example of a cryptocoin that uses the PoS method. Some coins like Peercoin (PPC) use a mixed system where both methods are incorporated. As of May 2017, Ethereum (ETH) is in the process of completely switching from a PoW to a PoS system.

Source –

Does PoW and PoS have any common ground?

Yes, the currencies behind they are all FIAT currencies. The are not backed by anything. They are all based and backed on supply and demand.

How is Assetereum different?

Assetereum is a SMART contract. This is different to Bitcoin and based in Ethereum. Ethereum is the number two crypocurrency in the world right now. 

Assetereum is backed by 4 different types of assets.

  • Coin Vault
  • Mining & Trading
  • Investment Property
  • Online Shopping


Coin Vault

The company will invest in multiple crypocurrencies, one of which will be Ethereum. Why Ethereum? This is a SMART contract and they are moving to proof of stake. More importantly they have had amazing growth over the last 12 months. Growing from $10 around this time last year to around $1200. 

So show that a little clearer. If you had bought $50 worth last year and sold them this year you would be looking at $6000. Not a bad investment is it?

This is core of what Assetereum​ will be built upon.

Mining & Trading

We will use our expertise to mine the likes of Ethereum as this has an excellent return of investment which is also quick. Mining and Trading can require a lot of tangible use of energy therefore it would be sensible that we look at solar mining in Portugal and Cyprus. More about them in a moment. 

We will also other profitable coins to maximise our value. 

Crypto-Trading. Now for short term investors the volatility is a sort point and is just as big a gamble as horse racing. For long term investors however, this is becoming huge. Even Wall Street investors are trading in cryptocurrency as high volatility is making them fantastic returns. 

Add the high volatility (which equals high profits), the whole operation will be run by bots 24/7 rather than traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday trading.   

Investment Property

Because the market as entered into a buyers stake we will focus on luxury villas and apartments. Primarily in Portugal and Cyprus. 

The rental incomes are very encouraging as people are still flocking to these countries for holidaying. It’s not the same “rich people” that use these properties for holidays. No doubt some still do as their holiday just became even more affordable, but because of how the market as developed people who have a comfortable income or living are now able to take up these kinds of holidays.

Oh yes, you as an owner of Assetereum​ can make use of these villas at a discounted rate.

We will look at commercial property also as the leasing terms are long and the rental incomes are very very good. 

As you probably expected with investment property backing, we will look at the development of property and land banking. 

Online Shopping

E-Conomize will be re-branding to My Discount Shop. E-Conomize has grown from a 50p per share investment to as of today (01.03.2018) a £4.83 per share investment. With more and more companies, retailers and online stores coming on board. This is estimated to reach £25+ next year. 

What is E-Conomize / My Discount Shop?

It is a platform driving by membership where members can save money on every day products and services in one simple convenient place with just a few clicks. There are over 200 places to shop for clothes, bikes, holidays, motor insurance, laptops, jewellery, home phone and broadband deals. You can even get deals on services for your business. Members are issued their own website to share with friends or family. They can take it to another level and approach business owners they know to check it out and see if they can save money. 

It’s not hard sales, members don’t do the selling. They simply talk about the saving they have made and share their own links to help others. All of which will earn them a commission. That includes commission on their own purchases.

If that interest you sign up here – and let me know so I can help kick start your journey. 

Over the last year this has been focused on UK business and consumers. Development on the road map are International products, and Groupon-style business marketing.

Want to get in on this?

Step 1 - My Discount Shop

As this is one of the assets that is backing Asseterum it is prudent that you understand and have hands on experience of the asset itself. Plus you are in the best place to save money and earn cashback/commission on any purchases Sign up here. It is quick and easy.

Step 2 - Asseterum Sign-Up

Using the exact same login details as you did for E-Conomize / My Discount Shop Register for your account. The process is very simple and similar to step 1 and the layout of the website is similar too. Go to the link below and click on Buy Tokens button.

NB: Take a note of your login details

When you are done get in touch and I will help you with the first purchase of tokens.​​

Seed Investment stage will last for 14 days (01.03.2018 to 14.03.2018) at a price of $0.38 with an aim of selling 10% of our token supply.

Pre-ICO Offer stage will last for 14 days (15.03.2018 to 28.03.2018) at a price of $0.45 with an aim of selling 25% of our token supply.

ICO stage 1 will last for 14 days (29.03.2018 to 11.04.2018) at a price of $0.50 with an aim of selling 25% of our token supply.

ICO stage 2 will last for 14 days (12.04.2018 to 25.04.2018) at a price of $0.55 with an aim of selling 25% of our token supply.

ICO stage 2 will last for 14 days (26.04.2018 to 09.05.2018) at a price of $0.60 with an aim of selling 15% of our token supply.

It’s Time To Get Involved



First of all, thank you for engaging with me over the last few weeks about the whacky world of blogging, referral marketing, and what it is like to be self-employed.

This is an opportunity for anyone to change their financial situation
Simply shop online for things you are already shopping for but get great deals and commissions. Then refer others to do same. For example, your close family and friends.
By shopping and sharing you not only benefit from great deals but you get paid commissions on your sales and others you recommend.
FREE to join
Earn money quickly
Shares in the Company
FREE website and marketing system
No selling required.
Even more exciting things coming
For more info comment below or private message me.
Oh yes, remember a few days ago I asked what £30 x 6954 equalled? This is why… The company will be going public in a few months and the share price is estimated to jump to £30 each. Look at the share price now and the number of shares.
These shares will jump from £32,544.72 to £208,620.00 overnight when the company goes public, which is a £176,075.28 increase.
I’ve always promoted the free Affiliate option but if there was ever a time to take the £50 option or £200 option it’s now. You will be awarded the respective amount in shares at the current price, and in a few months time, you’ll see a fantastic return.
Get involved and join my group –

UK Blog Awards 2018 Update


I want to thank everyone who supported me and voted for me. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the final part, therefor I have won an awards.

Being nominated was such a privilege and I am grateful for being considered in the first place.

I have some excellent topics to blog about in the dating space and who know maybe I’ll have more to talk about in the wedding and event space after I get married in April.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. From Electra and myself, let’s do everything we can to make 2018 the best year ever.

New Moa Has Arrived!


Finally, it has arrived!

New and improved Moa with the only natural preservative out the and it’s exclusive to ARIIX.

Get a free Moa shot glass with any order. Don’t wait order now get 2018 off to the best possible start.

Email me at

Snow Is Falling!


I’ve always felt that gifts are secondary at Christmas, any that I receive are well and truly appreciated but receiving them is not the most important part of this time of year.

I love giving presents 🎁, that brings me a lot of joy. Take the presents out of the picture for a moment and the following are what really makes Christmas.

Christmas Trees 🎄

Good Food 🍽🍻🥂🥖🥦🍤🍫🍯🍵

Home Alone 1 and or 2 🎬

Snow ❄️ 🧣

For quite some time we haven’t had snow on Christmas Day. We have had wee flurries of snowfall close to Christmas but nothing that stays long enough to make a snowman ⛄️ and not on Christmas Day.

So, it was about 23:50 as we were leaving my parents house last night, I thought I’d put all the presents in the car first but I was given the best distraction ever. It finally snowed on Christmas Day. Now my Christmas is complete. I really love snow on Christmas Day, it has a profound affect on me and I can’t help but smile. It’s just after 05:00 and I’m still beaming with happiness.

I am truly grateful for all of my blessings this year, even those that pushed me to my physical and mental limitations.

It has been a phenomenal year. I started my own company in Social Media/Marketing space, professional blogging and my guest blogs got me nominated for a UK Blogger award and even made it to the finals, and last but not least I became a certified Life Coach.

I proposed to my girlfriend in April and she said yes, we are getting married in April coming so this is the only Christmas that I can call Electra my financeé.

I got watch as Electra went on a journey and nailed a new job at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow.

As we have been preparing and planning our wedding it has been made possible by the help, support and generosity of Electra and I’s friends and family.

I saw my brother smash it at his job and set himself up for an interesting 2018.

I saw my best friend go from strength to strength in the CX space and nail a new job at Standard Life Aberdeen.

Another close friend took complete charge of his destiny and left his job to take up another fantastic job in Manchester.

I have a lot of irons in the fire right so I pray that some if not all come out white hot.

All of this came flooding to my mind as I stood outside my parents front door just watching the snow. I’ve hardly slept the night, but it’s all in good reason. As as soon as we got home I opened the bedroom blinds and watched the snow fall pretty much all night.

I should get myself organised now before taking Maria (mother-in-law to be) to work.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I’ll see you all soon at Hogmanay.

Oh yes, this is what I have been watching most of the night and I love Carol of the Bells too. Home Alone classic!

Can You Slow Down Please?


People often give Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business and those who have been involved with them a bad rep. I don’t because I know most are just trying to earn their own money and at least have control over part of their lives. Make some extra cash and all that.

One reason this bad rep is sustained is that people jump straight to the finish line and expect results. This month someone did exactly this, and this was my reply.

*Name has been changed and “perk” has been omitted.

Toni, thanks for the message.

Off the bat, I’d like to offer feedback on the presentation. It’s not very engaging, it’s too slow in most areas and doesn’t really demonstrate how achievable (in the opinion of the company) this is.

My immediate reaction to this presentation and the concept is that it’s not achievable. I need to generate £48,000 per year in monthly membership subscriptions to qualify for my perk plus £150 annual members fees which generates a further £12,000 on top. That’s just me. For everyone in my pool to get their perk, it needs to be achieved. So, from my pool alone I’d help generate for the company £4,860,000.

I’m disappointed that you haven’t taken the time to engage with me, get to know me or even do any research to ascertain if I am a good prospect or not.

If end zone satisfaction is the only reason you wanted to connect, then please let’s not waste any more time, and I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas.

If you want to build a relationship that benefits both of us, then I suggest you start over.


Needless to say, the person removed me from their network and obviously doesn’t want to build a relationship where we could both help each other. It’s a shame because I have a lot I could offer. This sort of approach is typical though of the society that we live in; things must be done now, and only now, I want easy results from my swipe left or right approach. Not giving back, just care about number one and stand on anyone who gets in my way.

I wish as a nation we would slow the fuck down and stop thinking that we are a particular something when we are not. Obviously, that’s not everyone, but we all know someone who financially cripples themselves and sometimes their family just so that can have the most expensive brands on their backs. Or drive ridiculously priced cars, buy homes that they barely afford and holiday in places where despite their efforts, the proper rich and wealthy see right through them.



Surely you don’t have first-hand experience of this? You’re thinking. Oh yes, I do, it’s quite pathetic when you can take a step back and observe, but also demoralising when you are in the thick of this atmosphere. You think to yourself; I can do this. I’ll work hard, and I can do as they do.

I am ashamed of myself that I was attracted to the fake success time and time again. My saving grace is that I didn’t have it in me to jump into the end zone expectation. I couldn’t sway from my deep-rooted believe that to do this I need to build relationships, otherwise, why would anyone care about what I have to offer.


I never reached the same financial success as the people I stupidly looked up to, but to this day I know a lot of the people I took care of over the years still ask for me.

Life isn’t a quickfire round of greed. Our time is short on the planet but long enough to enjoy it because of the quality relationships we build. You can’t build a relationship on your own, and you can’t achieve true satisfaction without building one.

Don’t hate on those who want to achieve more; they are doing the best they can at any given moment. Equally so for those that just want to jump into the end zone, invite them to slow down and build something with you.

UK Blog Awards 2018

Shout Outs!

unnamed (1)

So I have been nominated for an award back in October, which was pretty cool. Now I find out that I have made the finals in my category, this completely blows my mind. Thank you to the person that nominated me and thank you to everyone who has voted for me so far.

Talk Dalmatian

I also wanted to tip my hat to another nominee. A company that I wrote a guest blog for back in the summer are also up for an award in Digital & Technology category are Talk Dalmatian.

Please please please give them all your support by doing the following:

  1. Click my their profile:
  2. Scroll down to end
  3. Enter your name & select – Digital and Technology & Social Influencers to vote for them in both categories

If you see this, you are in the right place

Talk Dalmatian Entry

Thank you so much for supporting me and for supporting Talk Dalmatian! Voting ends on December 22nd, so get your vote in now.


Treat’em Mean to Keep Them Keen?


Richard Branson - Train People Quote

I published this blog on LinkedIn at this time last year but felt that it deserves to be hosted on this blog. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your comments.

Times have changed dramatically. Gone are the days where you keep a person in your circle of trust/friendship/company if you fail to treat them well. With so many options to move on it is very difficult to not give someone or something 100% of your time, care, effort, and keep them. Richard Branson said “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” What does that really mean?

If you train people well enough, so they can leave for any other company or job then you are doing well. There is no doubt that you have made a difference in this person and you have benefited from them.

The potential you saw when they came in for the interview, with clammy hands and a forehead to match has been released. Maybe it was not training in the classic sense, maybe it was a little coaching along the way. Either way, you have certainly done the right thing. When employees are trained well enough they improve operating proficiency and demonstrate they are an excellent investment. A good thing, or place to be.

Treat them well enough so they do not want to leave. Every year The Sunday Times publishes a list of the Top 100 Companies to work for voted by their employees using anonymous surveys. Have a look at the list published February 2016 and see how many companies you know. These are the companies that attract the best talent; the best of the best.

These companies without a doubt treat their employees well enough that they do not want to leave. How do they achieve this and what do they do? That is another blog for another time.

What are the surveys assessing?

  • Leadership: How employees feel about the head of the company and its senior managers.
  • Wellbeing: How staff feel about the stress, pressure and the balance between their work and home duties.
  • Giving something back: How much companies are thought by their staff to put back into society generally and the local community.
  • Personal growth: To what extent staff feel they are stretched and challenged by their job.
  • My manager: How staff feel towards their immediate boss and day-to-day managers.
  • My company: Feelings about the company people work for as opposed to the people they work with.
  • My team: How staff feel about their immediate colleagues.
  • Fair deal: How happy the workforce is with their pay and benefits.

Taking off our compensation hats for a moment. The “title” thing only achieves so much and will reach the point of little return or impact. Performance-based compensation, however, has no point of diminishing returns, so let’s talk about that.

Minimum Bonus Target – MBT. Daily/monthly/quarterly/annual target vs performance. Have one, even if it is small and every employee will focus on, take ownership of, ask how to and be creative, thinking about “how we can”.

The overall team bonding is amplified to levels perhaps not otherwise gained or realised. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. An MBT provides a common ground that reaches beyond the cliché of “It is not my department”, “It is not my job” and formulate an organisation marching under a single banner in one single direction and a motto, “It is OUR job”. Everyone is responsible for customer service, and therefore everyone is responsible for sales in one way or another.

The small perks. I once heard a company accountant present a report that illustrated how much the company could save by not paying for employees teas and coffees. I also heard a team manager ask the perfect question in return, “How much will it cost us if we remove free employee teas and coffees?” The accountant could not understand, he thought he just came across a perfect way of saving £50k+ per year. Yet he is being questioned about something that only requires a second perspective.

The Team Manager was pretty angry as the accountant was so out of touch with the people that make the business what it was (and still is). Basically, the team manager was asking if they start to not treat the employees as well, how much will it cost in employee retention, recruitment, training, sales revenue, team morale, employee development. Not all accountants are out of touch, but this one was.

Sticking with teas and coffees theme. I have witnessed an executive director change the entire agenda of a meeting to focus completely on how well does the company treats their people and address site to site equality. This occurred quite simply as he approached to have his coffee scanned and when asked for payment he was dumbfounded.

To the counter assistant’s credit, they didn’t know who he was, treated him like everyone else and insisted on payment. Turns out in the Scottish offices were the only offices in the UK at this company that were paying for their teas and coffees. Within an hour a communication was sent out to all Scottish offices, that from that point going forward teas and coffees were free of charge.

2 months later, fresh fruit was provided, also free of charge. Most of us were completely unaware we were being treated differently and appreciated being treated well. With thousands, upon thousands of employees, this was a costly decision but one that lifted the morale of the Scottish offices and the employees were proud of the director for addressing this.

Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said “Each of us tends to think we see things as they are, that we are objective. But this is not the case. We see the world, not as it is, but as we are, or, as we are conditioned to see it”

Consider this, have you ever heard of two people getting divorced and one party says; “I want a divorce because the other person treats me very well”. A child who said; “I ran away from home because my parents treat me very well”. An employee who said; “I quit my job because the company treats me so very well” Replacing a proficient employee is very, very expensive, disruptive and time-consuming.

Unfortunately for us all, not everyone will get into an established team as quickly as we would like, sometimes not at all. Treating your people well once or twice a year only offers temporary benefits. It is confusing and unfair to treat a child despicable all year round, except on their birthday and at Christmas. So why would company mirror this frequency with their employees? Treating an employee well consistently is easy and quick.

Treat’em mean to keep them keen? No, train them up so when you treat them well, they will sell. Sell your product, sell your service, sell themselves, sell your company. Most importantly, they will not leave.

Depression – It’s All In Your Head Right?


Understanding Depression

Two years ago I finally launched my crowdfunding campaign to raise funds so I can shoot my Depression Awareness piece that I have been planning on doing for nearly two years before this. I unfortunately only raised £50 of my £6000 target. I know the target is ambitious, however, it has been my belief that if someone is going to give their time for you and you are going to benefit from their expert skills that they should be paid for this.

Depression is still one of those things that people avoid talking about, either because they don’t believe it exists or they are scared to put their foot in it. The thing is depression hits people in many different ways and depression doesn’t care how rich you are, how popular you are, how successful you are. It literately doesn’t care and because it affects people in different ways the solutions are just as varied.

The script I wrote is my take on how to approach depression, it’s from the heart and I hope once it’s all said and done that it will help lots of people handle depression from either side of the table.

I cannot, however, do it on my own, I need your help to raise the funds, share the Indiegogo page on all your social media platforms –

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and for any way at all you can help.

Here some other people who have experienced depression and wrote about or filmed short films addressing depression.

=3 with Ray William Johnson and friends.

Mhairi Calvery – Think differently, Do differently

Mel Gibson –

So, two years after my failed campaign, I am considering relaunching it and getting the project off the ground. My question to you is if I were to launch it again, would you help and support it?

Girl Reacts to Guy


Jealousy is unattractive.

I’ve always been somewhat jealous of guys who have the ability to maintain a certain confidence when checking out and chatting up girls. It’s something I don’t think I ever had the ability to do. I could hold a conversation very well, and I made lots of friends that way. I was the Charlie Sheen of the friends-zone, I owned it, it was mine. In fact, if you look up friend-zone you find this picture.

Me Looking Powersful

Now, of course, these days I don’t really care. I’m getting married to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She is intelligent, tough, thoughtful, always trying to be a better version of herself and she is sexy as hell. Punching above my weight I hear you say? Yes, I, am.

Today though I saw a little bit of what I grew envious of so many years ago. I also saw something that nearly made me spit my coffee out. This is what I saw!

As funny as it was it made me think, why did she react this way? Girls, it’s over to you. Comment below as to why you think a girl or anyone would react like this.