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Can You Slow Down Please?


People often give Multi Level Marketing (MLM) business and those who have been involved with them a bad rep. I don't because I know most are just trying to earn their own money and at least have control over part of their lives. Make some extra cash and all that.

One reason this bad rep is sustained is that people jump straight to the finish line and expect results. This month someone did exactly this, and this was my reply.

*Name has been changed and “perk” has been omitted.

Toni, thanks for the message.

Off the bat, I’d like to offer feedback on the presentation. It’s not very engaging, it’s too slow in most areas and doesn’t really demonstrate how achievable (in the opinion of the company) this is.

My immediate reaction to this presentation and the concept is that it’s not achievable. I need to generate £48,000 per year in monthly membership subscriptions to qualify for my perk plus £150 annual members fees which generates a further £12,000 on top. That’s just me. For everyone in my pool to get their perk, it needs to be achieved. So, from my pool alone I’d help generate for the company £4,860,000.

I’m disappointed that you haven’t taken the time to engage with me, get to know me or even do any research to ascertain if I am a good prospect or not.

If end zone satisfaction is the only reason you wanted to connect, then please let’s not waste any more time, and I’ll wish you a Merry Christmas.

If you want to build a relationship that benefits both of us, then I suggest you start over.


Needless to say, the person removed me from their network and obviously doesn’t want to build a relationship where we could both help each other. It’s a shame because I have a lot I could offer. This sort of approach is typical though of the society that we live in; things must be done now, and only now, I want easy results from my swipe left or right approach. Not giving back, just care about number one and stand on anyone who gets in my way.

I wish as a nation we would slow the fuck down and stop thinking that we are a particular something when we are not. Obviously, that’s not everyone, but we all know someone who financially cripples themselves and sometimes their family just so that can have the most expensive brands on their backs. Or drive ridiculously priced cars, buy homes that they barely afford and holiday in places where despite their efforts, the proper rich and wealthy see right through them.



Surely you don’t have first-hand experience of this? You’re thinking. Oh yes, I do, it’s quite pathetic when you can take a step back and observe, but also demoralising when you are in the thick of this atmosphere. You think to yourself; I can do this. I’ll work hard, and I can do as they do.

I am ashamed of myself that I was attracted to the fake success time and time again. My saving grace is that I didn’t have it in me to jump into the end zone expectation. I couldn’t sway from my deep-rooted believe that to do this I need to build relationships, otherwise, why would anyone care about what I have to offer.


I never reached the same financial success as the people I stupidly looked up to, but to this day I know a lot of the people I took care of over the years still ask for me.

Life isn’t a quickfire round of greed. Our time is short on the planet but long enough to enjoy it because of the quality relationships we build. You can’t build a relationship on your own, and you can’t achieve true satisfaction without building one.

Don’t hate on those who want to achieve more; they are doing the best they can at any given moment. Equally so for those that just want to jump into the end zone, invite them to slow down and build something with you.

UK Blog Awards 2018

Shout Outs!

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So I have been nominated for an award back in October, which was pretty cool. Now I find out that I have made the finals in my category, this completely blows my mind. Thank you to the person that nominated me and thank you to everyone who has voted for me so far.

Talk Dalmatian

I also wanted to tip my hat to another nominee. A company that I wrote a guest blog for back in the summer are also up for an award in Digital & Technology category are Talk Dalmatian.

Please please please give them all your support by doing the following:

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Talk Dalmatian Entry

Thank you so much for supporting me and for supporting Talk Dalmatian! Voting ends on December 22nd, so get your vote in now.


Treat’em Mean to Keep Them Keen?


Richard Branson - Train People Quote

I published this blog on LinkedIn at this time last year but felt that it deserves to be hosted on this blog. Enjoy and I look forward to reading your comments.

Times have changed dramatically. Gone are the days where you keep a person in your circle of trust/friendship/company if you fail to treat them well. With so many options to move on it is very difficult to not give someone or something 100% of your time, care, effort, and keep them. Richard Branson said “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to” What does that really mean?

If you train people well enough, so they can leave for any other company or job then you are doing well. There is no doubt that you have made a difference in this person and you have benefited from them.

The potential you saw when they came in for the interview, with clammy hands and a forehead to match has been released. Maybe it was not training in the classic sense, maybe it was a little coaching along the way. Either way, you have certainly done the right thing. When employees are trained well enough they improve operating proficiency and demonstrate they are an excellent investment. A good thing, or place to be.

Treat them well enough so they do not want to leave. Every year The Sunday Times publishes a list of the Top 100 Companies to work for voted by their employees using anonymous surveys. Have a look at the list published February 2016 and see how many companies you know. These are the companies that attract the best talent; the best of the best.

These companies without a doubt treat their employees well enough that they do not want to leave. How do they achieve this and what do they do? That is another blog for another time.

What are the surveys assessing?

  • Leadership: How employees feel about the head of the company and its senior managers.
  • Wellbeing: How staff feel about the stress, pressure and the balance between their work and home duties.
  • Giving something back: How much companies are thought by their staff to put back into society generally and the local community.
  • Personal growth: To what extent staff feel they are stretched and challenged by their job.
  • My manager: How staff feel towards their immediate boss and day-to-day managers.
  • My company: Feelings about the company people work for as opposed to the people they work with.
  • My team: How staff feel about their immediate colleagues.
  • Fair deal: How happy the workforce is with their pay and benefits.

Taking off our compensation hats for a moment. The “title” thing only achieves so much and will reach the point of little return or impact. Performance-based compensation, however, has no point of diminishing returns, so let’s talk about that.

Minimum Bonus Target – MBT. Daily/monthly/quarterly/annual target vs performance. Have one, even if it is small and every employee will focus on, take ownership of, ask how to and be creative, thinking about “how we can”.

The overall team bonding is amplified to levels perhaps not otherwise gained or realised. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. An MBT provides a common ground that reaches beyond the cliché of “It is not my department”, “It is not my job” and formulate an organisation marching under a single banner in one single direction and a motto, “It is OUR job”. Everyone is responsible for customer service, and therefore everyone is responsible for sales in one way or another.

The small perks. I once heard a company accountant present a report that illustrated how much the company could save by not paying for employees teas and coffees. I also heard a team manager ask the perfect question in return, “How much will it cost us if we remove free employee teas and coffees?” The accountant could not understand, he thought he just came across a perfect way of saving £50k+ per year. Yet he is being questioned about something that only requires a second perspective.

The Team Manager was pretty angry as the accountant was so out of touch with the people that make the business what it was (and still is). Basically, the team manager was asking if they start to not treat the employees as well, how much will it cost in employee retention, recruitment, training, sales revenue, team morale, employee development. Not all accountants are out of touch, but this one was.

Sticking with teas and coffees theme. I have witnessed an executive director change the entire agenda of a meeting to focus completely on how well does the company treats their people and address site to site equality. This occurred quite simply as he approached to have his coffee scanned and when asked for payment he was dumbfounded.

To the counter assistant’s credit, they didn’t know who he was, treated him like everyone else and insisted on payment. Turns out in the Scottish offices were the only offices in the UK at this company that were paying for their teas and coffees. Within an hour a communication was sent out to all Scottish offices, that from that point going forward teas and coffees were free of charge.

2 months later, fresh fruit was provided, also free of charge. Most of us were completely unaware we were being treated differently and appreciated being treated well. With thousands, upon thousands of employees, this was a costly decision but one that lifted the morale of the Scottish offices and the employees were proud of the director for addressing this.

Stephen Covey, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said “Each of us tends to think we see things as they are, that we are objective. But this is not the case. We see the world, not as it is, but as we are, or, as we are conditioned to see it”

Consider this, have you ever heard of two people getting divorced and one party says; “I want a divorce because the other person treats me very well”. A child who said; “I ran away from home because my parents treat me very well”. An employee who said; “I quit my job because the company treats me so very well” Replacing a proficient employee is very, very expensive, disruptive and time-consuming.

Unfortunately for us all, not everyone will get into an established team as quickly as we would like, sometimes not at all. Treating your people well once or twice a year only offers temporary benefits. It is confusing and unfair to treat a child despicable all year round, except on their birthday and at Christmas. So why would company mirror this frequency with their employees? Treating an employee well consistently is easy and quick.

Treat’em mean to keep them keen? No, train them up so when you treat them well, they will sell. Sell your product, sell your service, sell themselves, sell your company. Most importantly, they will not leave.

Depression – It’s All In Your Head Right?


Understanding Depression

Two years ago I finally launched my crowdfunding campaign to raise funds so I can shoot my Depression Awareness piece that I have been planning on doing for nearly two years before this. I unfortunately only raised £50 of my £6000 target. I know the target is ambitious, however, it has been my belief that if someone is going to give their time for you and you are going to benefit from their expert skills that they should be paid for this.

Depression is still one of those things that people avoid talking about, either because they don’t believe it exists or they are scared to put their foot in it. The thing is depression hits people in many different ways and depression doesn’t care how rich you are, how popular you are, how successful you are. It literately doesn’t care and because it affects people in different ways the solutions are just as varied.

The script I wrote is my take on how to approach depression, it’s from the heart and I hope once it’s all said and done that it will help lots of people handle depression from either side of the table.

I cannot, however, do it on my own, I need your help to raise the funds, share the Indiegogo page on all your social media platforms –

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and for any way at all you can help.

Here some other people who have experienced depression and wrote about or filmed short films addressing depression.

=3 with Ray William Johnson and friends.

Mhairi Calvery – Think differently, Do differently

Mel Gibson –

So, two years after my failed campaign, I am considering relaunching it and getting the project off the ground. My question to you is if I were to launch it again, would you help and support it?

Girl Reacts to Guy


Jealousy is unattractive.

I’ve always been somewhat jealous of guys who have the ability to maintain a certain confidence when checking out and chatting up girls. It’s something I don’t think I ever had the ability to do. I could hold a conversation very well, and I made lots of friends that way. I was the Charlie Sheen of the friends-zone, I owned it, it was mine. In fact, if you look up friend-zone you find this picture.

Me Looking Powersful

Now, of course, these days I don’t really care. I’m getting married to the most wonderful woman I have ever met. She is intelligent, tough, thoughtful, always trying to be a better version of herself and she is sexy as hell. Punching above my weight I hear you say? Yes, I, am.

Today though I saw a little bit of what I grew envious of so many years ago. I also saw something that nearly made me spit my coffee out. This is what I saw!

As funny as it was it made me think, why did she react this way? Girls, it’s over to you. Comment below as to why you think a girl or anyone would react like this.


This Idea Totally Sucks!


James Dyson

These days when a company moves into a new market we accept and welcome it (give or take) as it means more competitive prices and choice of services. For example…

The company as we know it started off offering a pay monthly TV service (extra 4 channels at the point of launch. This included Europe’s first 24-hour news channel. This back in 1990, by 1998 it had moved into digital TV opening up the gates to 120+ channels. Then their own take on a PVR/DVR; Sky+ 2001. Then Sky Talk & Broadband and HD came within 12 months of each other. So within 11 years, Sky had grown exponentially, giving every subscriber more than ever before.

Sky Go (formerly known as Sky Player, Sky By Broadband/Sky Anytime on PC) launched in 2006. In 2012 Sky entered the internet video streaming market to take as much of that market as possible. Sky was then by this point challenging the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime/Love Film, Blinkbox, Wuaki.TV, GooglePlay, Apple TV. The latest big player to join was BT Sport. Not to mention along the way Sky at one point gave rights to other companies to provide a credit card in their name, extended warranty products, sports teams, and ticketing services.

Michio Suzuki first started out Suzuki Loom Works in the small village of Hamamatsu, Japan. Business boomed as Suzuki built weaving looms for Japan’s giant silk industry. In 1929, Michio Suzuki invented a new type of the weaving machine, which was exported overseas.

The company’s first 30 years focused on the development and production of these machines. So let’s get that right; the company started off manufacturing high quality and sought-after textiles to manufacturing machines. Not only machines, automobiles. After a set back during the 2nd World War, Suzuki focused on motorised bikes such as T500, Katana GSX1100, and the VS 1400 Intruder.

Then again return to cars and trucks such as the Carry, Fronte 800, and the Jimmy. Not to mention during its rise, Suzuki entered a motorcycle race team into Grands Prix under the manufacturing name Colleda and continued to do for many years.

Robert Barr, the fourth son of a farming family from Beith in Ayrshire, started a cork cutting business in Falkirk in 1830. In 1875 Robert’s son, also called Robert, added a soft drinks business, which quickly grew to become the only activity.

A.G. Barr PLC, commonly known as Barr’s, is a Scottish soft drink manufacturer, based in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. It is particularly notable for the manufacture of the popular Scottish drink, Irn-Bru. The company was founded in 1875 by Robert Barr in the town of Falkirk. In 1887 his son, Robert Fulton Barr set up a division of the original company in Glasgow, which had a much larger population and therefore an immediate ready-made marketplace to sell to with limited distribution costs.

Then in 1892, the Glasgow branch passed to Andrew Greig Barr, a brother of the founder of that branch. Irn-Bru was first launched in 1901. The Falkirk and Glasgow divisions merged in 1959. The Company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1965.

In 1972, the Tizer brand was purchased to challenge for market share South of the border as Scotland’s national drink Irn-Bru was as well received there as it was back home. In 1980 we saw the introduction of Low-Calorie Irn-Bru; this changed its name in 1991 to Diet Irn-Bru, which personally I find amusing as a growing trend for drinks manufacturers in the last few years is to produce “Zero” sugar and “Low Calorie” versions to appeal to a more health-conscious public and to take steps forward in a bid to have an improved public image and part of their corporate responsibility policies. This brings us to 2010 where Irn-Bru sugar-free.

The Company was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1965. In 1972, the Tizer brand was purchased to challenge for market share South of the border as Scotland’s national drink Irn-Bru was as well received there as it was back home.

In 1980 we saw the introduction of Low-Calorie Irn-Bru: this changed its name in 1991 to Diet Irn-Bru, which personally I find amusing as a growing trend for drinks manufacturers in the last few years is to produce “Zero” sugar and “Low Calorie” versions to appeal to a more health-conscious public and to take steps forward in a bid to have an improved public image and part of their corporate responsibility policies. This brings us to 2010 where Irn-Bru sugar-free.

In 2001 the company acquired Findlay’s Mineral Water. The Company acquired Strathmore Mineral Water in May 2006. The Irn-Bru 32 energy drink variant was launched in 2006 to challenge the like of Relentless and Red Bull. In 2008 the company purchased the Taut sports drink range and exotic fruit drink company Rubicon.

In November 2012 the Barr’s agreed to merge with Britvic, which produces drinks like J2O, Tango and Robinsons, as well as holding the authority to produce Pepsi for the UK market, to create one of Europe’s largest soft drinks companies. Although the merger never happened and was dropped in the Summer of 2013 the intent of diversifying was obvious.

To recap, Barr’s has now developed beyond Irn-Bru and the “Classic” range of Ginger Beer, Traditional Lemonade, Cream Soda (now with a twist of Raspberry) and Orange which I once referred to as the Take That of soft drinks. Back in the day, Irn-Bru was really considered part of the band until it broke away on it’s leaving the rest behind and made a name for itself.

It wasn’t until years later that the rest of the band had another good go at being socially relevant and they were and do more than hold their own now in the marketplace. Oh yes, back to the recap of how the drinks diversified. Barr’s have Tizer, D’N’B (Dandelion & Burdock), Rockstar (Energy Drinks), St Clements, Sun Exotic which is a sub-brand of Rubicon, Funkin (Cocktail Mixers), KA, Simply Fruity, Snapple, Strathmore Water,  Lipton Iced Tea, and the rest of Barr’s Flavours. All of which challenge in the following drinks markets:

  • Fizzy Soft Drinks/Pop
  • Adult/Night Life (Funkin)
  • Energy Drinks (Irn-Bru 32 & Rockstar)
  • International Appeal (KA, St Clements and Snapple)

Oh yes and let’s not forget the Irn-Bru Chewy Bars and Rubicon ice cream and lollies, and Irn-Bru Tartan.

Irn-Bru tartan received its certificate of accreditation (No.97017) on 12th September 1997 from the Council of the Scottish Tartans Society. The tartan substantially incorporates the IRN-BRU orange and IRN-BRU blue colours.

So you’ll be wondering what sparked off this blog about diversification and why James Dyson is in the headline cover image, yes do you remember him? Why here it is… Dyson has not ruled out diversifying into the automotive industry.

Dyson is famous for its vacuum cleaners, but also has a series of fans and lights on the market as it expands its range and choice of products. Always keen to venture elsewhere, the firm has now revealed it’s not ‘ruling out’ the possibility of releasing its own electric car.

Earlier this year Dyson invested millions into Sakti3, a battery firm with technology advanced enough to power electric cars. CEO Max Conze said its engineers are capable of delivering groundbreaking tech: “Sakti3’s focus is on creating batteries for our hand-held devices, but Sakti3 has the best remit to deliver breakthrough technology into other industries.”

When asked if it would join Apple, and Tesla, in launching a car, Mr Conze said: “We are ruling nothing out – Like our friends in Cupertino we are also unhealthily obsessive when it comes to taking apart our products to make them better.”

He even hinted that the company is already working on it: “If you do what we do and invent disruptive technologies and have thousands of engineers working on these projects for as long as 15 years, then you want to keep that work in the lab until it’s ready.”

Dyson revealed in the same call that its revenues were up 10 percent in 2014 to £1.3B, thanks to a surge in demand for its products. It’s clearly not short of a quid or two, so if it did have plans to make an electric car, it is doubtful that funding the project would be an issue.

The move would make Dyson the latest technology firm, behind the likes of Google and Apple, to reportedly branch out into the motoring industry.


Would you buy a Dyson Car? If a silk weaving company can go to become a cornerstone in the motor car manufacturing industry, and Sky aims to become the true multi-player of communication services in the business to customer setting and Barr’s tick every box out with the alcohol market, why wouldn’t you buy a car from Dyson?

Life Cover Policy

Health & Wellness

Life Cover

Baby Holding Human Finger - Life Cover

Okay, so I decided to bite the bullet and take out a life cover policy. My Mum said years ago that I should have done it but I thought what’s the point, right?

My life has changed though and it’s not all about me anymore. I’m getting married next April, and we are planning on starting a family. I have bought my flat, and will be looking to buy a family home at some point. Even if it means selling my flat.

This is a depressing subject I know, but the thought of my wonderful future wife and kids having to deal with financial hardship if God forbid something ever happened to me is pretty unbearable, so I needed to do this.

The reason why I’m putting this out there is due to the incredible rewards, discounts, and benefits the policy comes with just for being active and making an effort to be healthier. I don’t mean body builder standards or Olympic runner or swimmer standards but just make a more genuine effort to be fitter.

Benefits and Rewards

  • A cinema ticket every week once I’ve done my required amount of steps!
  • Discount on shopping online at Ocado
  • A new pair of trainers from SweatShop as I can claim 50% off!
  • Lloyd’s Pharmacy card, I can now claim up to £25 off of toiletries at Lloyd’s Pharmacy, every month!
  • 50% off a bike, so long as I buy it from Evans Cycles.
  • Weight Watchers LogoWeight Watchers is hugely popular and it’s normally £21.95 per month cost. Due to my life insurance policy, I’m entitled to 6 month’s membership for just £30 – £5 per month. Okay if you know me personally, you know I’m lucky enough to not be in the position that I need to lose weight. If anything it’s the other way round for me. But at least I have the option though if I wanted to look at my diet and ensure that I am always making the right choices.
  • I never thought I’d ever buy an Apple Watch as they’re so expensive – £369, ouch! I’ve now ordered one as it only costs £69 with this life insurance policy. All I have to do is a certain amount of steps each week and I don’t have to pay a penny more! How easy is that? £300 off for just walking. What’s the catch? There is no catch.
  • I really love this one and I’ll be using it soon – 75% off Champneys Health Resort Spa! These places are amazing, a complete spa and pamper experience. We’re going to be booking this soon as that 75% discount makes it so affordable. We can use the discount 3 times a year also.

Get on Board

Guys, honestly, if you have no life policy then you seriously need to get on board with this. Financial peace of mind plus all these benefits. Just take a policy via my referral (mine only cost £9.97) and make an effort to be active. That’s it, nothing more.

I’ve never known anything like it, please inbox me and I’ll send you the details!

If you get a chance please do pop over to my guest blog section and let me know what you think.


Conor McGregor in WWE???


Conor v Floyd WWE

Excuse the poor attempt of a wrestling poster. I bet though that the subject line makes you think… No way, never, forget about it, are about to fail a wellness policy test due to the “supplements” you have been taking? No, I’m day dreaming really. There is one thing for sure in professional wrestling and sports entertainment never say never.

Here’s a few things that we say in WWE when we sure that we would never see.

That list could go on and on but I’ll finish it off with, you never thought WWE would sign a host of “small guys” from the Indy scene and push them. Is this going to happen in the next year or so? Nope, McGregor has many years ahead of him in MMA and he won’t care if he wins or loses tomorrow night he is still the biggest draw in UFC.

Can you imagine the buzz it would cause? It would be huge. The creative options are very tasty with several Irish performers at the company, not that he would need them or vice-versa, but it is an option. Give McGregor some bullet points and he will sell a PPV on his own. He is a big enough of a star that he probably would have a full-time schedule, perhaps something similar to Brock Lesner would suit both parties. Oh, what if he became a Paul Heyman guy? That would be interesting.

With CM Punk being the exception, Paul Heyman hasn’t had a lot of success working will other talent since being a “Paul Heyman Guy” was a thing. Thank you to CM Punk for a pipe bomb on June 27th, 2011. In fact, thank you to CM Punk in a big way, so many people he name-dropped had their on-screen careers completely revived. For example; Paul Heyman, Brock Lesner, and John Laurinaitis. Nothing happened with Colt Cabana unfortunately, although he hadn’t long been given his “best in future endeavours” exit line. Oh yes, back to McGregor being a Paul Heyman guy. It could be a nice creative option that superstars that jump from UFC to WWE could be linked with Paul Heyman as he is the only person that can represent them. The girls are kicking as in UFC too; Ronda Rousey sold out UFC PPV’s on her own and has made a seamless transition from the octagon to Hollywood. Make Ronda the first WWE Paul Heyman Girl.

What about the trash he said about John Cena and whole bunch of other WWE Superstars? So what I say. He won’t be the first celebrity to talk shit about WWE or individuals within the company and in the end work for the company. Will the superstars at WWE let him off? Probably if they get to work with him as he is viewership gold, ratings, PPV buys, WWE Network subscriptions, and ultimately money. Or as the phrase goes “best for business”. Plus, it is his own beliefs and talent that has made him a global commodity. The people that are mostly themselves in WWE are the talents that go on to become mega stars when given the chance.


The fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is one that we thought we would never see also, so never say never when it’s non-WWE related. I’m looking forward to the fight, I’ve never caught the bug (again) for the big fight night in a long time. Even my partner wants to see it, bless her. She’ll never stay awake though.

I’m keen to hear from you all, so please do leave a comment or give me a shout out on Twitter – @bathgatebairn84

What do you think would happen if Conor McGregor signed with WWE? What are your thoughts on tomorrows big fight?

Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you again soon.

The Man’s Guide to Understanding (and Dating) Woman – Course Review



I thought blogging about dating was behind me for this year after a series of successful blogs for Instinctive Introductions, but after taking Kain’s course on The Man’s Guide to Understanding (and Dating) Woman I see great value in the course. So, here I am again blogging about dating, however, this from a slightly different angle.

The course is fantastic on its own merit but when you consider Instinctive Introductions offer a top of the range service that actively work with you, to match you with people that could potentially be the “one”. Both together are a perfect partnership as you look for a girlfriend, God help me as I say it… a wife.

Through my research for the Instinctive blogs, I was constantly asked but what if I am not sure about who or what I want from my partner? I sympathised with their concern, as it’s obvious what they thought they wanted from a partner isn’t really working out for them. I do think many of us need to start taking responsibility for ourselves so we don’t make the same mistakes again. So, even asking me that question is a step in the right direction.

So, let’s start taking responsibility for ourselves, I’m taking about you guys, specifically. And before you think, no not me, yes you. Me also. I had decent, good and some great relationships fall apart because I went through some personal tough times and didn’t know how to get myself out of a hole. In other words, I should have got my own shit together and maybe the relationships may have worked better.

No guarantee they would have stood the test of time, but I wouldn’t find myself in the position wishing I could meet some of those girls from the past and offer them a genuine and authentic apology. I guess that is my own punishment for not being a great boyfriend; perhaps I’ll never get that chance.

Circle of Dis-empowermentOne of my favourite parts of the course is the Circle of Dis-empowerment. This made complete sense to me and I actually related the content very organically to professional wrestling. For the obvious reasons I can’t really give it away but look for this section and let me know, do you still want to be a hero?

What this course does is enables us guys to get our shit together, through very simple and easy to consume insight and practical advice. You will learn a lot about yourself, and the type of woman you want to date. Largely because you will understand woman a little better. You will be tooled up explore the dating scene from a different point of view, and with a new confidence.

Where does it link though if I use a service like Instinctive Introductions? In a nutshell guys if you now know (after taking the course) who you are and specifically what you want, you won’t have the concern or worry of uncertainty. You will be 100% certain of the type of partner that you are looking for. This helps the relationship coaches and professional matchmakers really focus on what you are looking for and increase the chance of you finding the one.

If you want to learn about yourself and the kind of woman you want to date sign up to the course right now and believe me you’ll be giving it a 5 star rating. The course is normally £185 but you might find discounts available so watch out for them. Either way the course is worth every single penny.

Why do I trust Kain or have faith in his courses; well, recently completed the Life Coach Certification Programme and the NLP Practitioner Certification Course. Kain’s principles and theories are so down to earth and accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be overly clever or be academically gifted. You just need to want to get better as person.

I hope you found this blog useful, get in touch if you have any questions.

Until next time, happy dating!

Who Wants a Gossip?



I’m really sorry but there is no gossip. Some of my well wishers have asked what happened before you started your freelance journey. Nothing, I actually really enjoyed my time there.

I was blessed to learn so many different things, improve the experience of everyone that I worked internally and externally. With the company being small and flat in terms of organisational structure I was able to develop myself as a company asset and as a person. I got the chance to work with amazing directors and heads of departments and be treated as an equal. I was in the position to influence operational success, long term strategy and question the status quo.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, in fact I’ve seen this side for a while and it is just as green as as anywhere else. We are curious creators by nature,  but there isn’t always dirt to share. For me, it was just time. It was time that gave what I love doing a chance or regret not trying for the rest of life. I am getting married next year and I want to have a family; this could just be the best way I can be a completely available father, and husband. It is a chance for me to write my own legacy, and in time be remembered for something special.

We have wished each-other the very best in our future endeavours and who knows when our paths will cross again. The company is in a better place than it was before it started, as am I. Can you really wish for more than that? To make a difference.

Now I am looking forward. Always looking forward. My future is in my hands and I am going to succeed.

I’ll be focusing Focusing on the following:cropped-400dpilogo1.jpg

  • Life Coaching
  • Social Media Management/Consultancy
  • Professional Blogging

My targets to achieve before the end of next year are as follows:

  • Reach 1000 likes through personal and organic invites only (no paid for likes) on Twitter and Facebook
  • Launch a Udemy Account and produce online courses on the above topics
  • Achieve 20 hours of life coaching
  • Write 20 professional blogs
  • Achieve 200 hours of Social Media Management/Consultancy

Isn’t that a nicer post to read rather….

LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn is a professional business network. Use it this way or leave.