Understanding Depression

Two years ago I finally launched my crowdfunding campaign to raise funds so I can shoot my Depression Awareness piece that I have been planning on doing for nearly two years before this. I unfortunately only raised £50 of my £6000 target. I know the target is ambitious, however, it has been my belief that if someone is going to give their time for you and you are going to benefit from their expert skills that they should be paid for this.

Depression is still one of those things that people avoid talking about, either because they don’t believe it exists or they are scared to put their foot in it. The thing is depression hits people in many different ways and depression doesn’t care how rich you are, how popular you are, how successful you are. It literately doesn’t care and because it affects people in different ways the solutions are just as varied.

The script I wrote is my take on how to approach depression, it’s from the heart and I hope once it’s all said and done that it will help lots of people handle depression from either side of the table.

I cannot, however, do it on my own, I need your help to raise the funds, share the Indiegogo page on all your social media platforms – http://igg.me/at/itsinyourhead

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and for any way at all you can help.

Here some other people who have experienced depression and wrote about or filmed short films addressing depression.

=3 with Ray William Johnson and friends.

Mhairi Calvery – Think differently, Do differently

Mel Gibson – contactmusic.com

So, two years after my failed campaign, I am considering relaunching it and getting the project off the ground. My question to you is if I were to launch it again, would you help and support it?

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