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Okay, so I decided to bite the bullet and take out a life cover policy. My Mum said years ago that I should have done it but I thought what’s the point, right?

My life has changed though and it’s not all about me anymore. I’m getting married next April, and we are planning on starting a family. I have bought my flat, and will be looking to buy a family home at some point. Even if it means selling my flat.

This is a depressing subject I know, but the thought of my wonderful future wife and kids having to deal with financial hardship if God forbid something ever happened to me is pretty unbearable, so I needed to do this.

The reason why I’m putting this out there is due to the incredible rewards, discounts, and benefits the policy comes with just for being active and making an effort to be healthier. I don’t mean body builder standards or Olympic runner or swimmer standards but just make a more genuine effort to be fitter.

Benefits and Rewards

  • A cinema ticket every week once I’ve done my required amount of steps!
  • Discount on shopping online at Ocado
  • A new pair of trainers from SweatShop as I can claim 50% off!
  • Lloyd’s Pharmacy card, I can now claim up to £25 off of toiletries at Lloyd’s Pharmacy, every month!
  • 50% off a bike, so long as I buy it from Evans Cycles.
  • Weight Watchers LogoWeight Watchers is hugely popular and it’s normally £21.95 per month cost. Due to my life insurance policy, I’m entitled to 6 month’s membership for just £30 – £5 per month. Okay if you know me personally, you know I’m lucky enough to not be in the position that I need to lose weight. If anything it’s the other way round for me. But at least I have the option though if I wanted to look at my diet and ensure that I am always making the right choices.
  • I never thought I’d ever buy an Apple Watch as they’re so expensive – £369, ouch! I’ve now ordered one as it only costs £69 with this life insurance policy. All I have to do is a certain amount of steps each week and I don’t have to pay a penny more! How easy is that? £300 off for just walking. What’s the catch? There is no catch.
  • I really love this one and I’ll be using it soon – 75% off Champneys Health Resort Spa! These places are amazing, a complete spa and pamper experience. We’re going to be booking this soon as that 75% discount makes it so affordable. We can use the discount 3 times a year also.

Get on Board

Guys, honestly, if you have no life policy then you seriously need to get on board with this. Financial peace of mind plus all these benefits. Just take a policy via my referral (mine only cost £9.97) and make an effort to be active. That’s it, nothing more.

I’ve never known anything like it, please inbox me and I’ll send you the details!

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