I’m really sorry but there is no gossip. Some of my well wishers have asked what happened before you started your freelance journey. Nothing, I actually really enjoyed my time there.

I was blessed to learn so many different things, improve the experience of everyone that I worked internally and externally. With the company being small and flat in terms of organisational structure I was able to develop myself as a company asset and as a person. I got the chance to work with amazing directors and heads of departments and be treated as an equal. I was in the position to influence operational success, long term strategy and question the status quo.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, in fact I’ve seen this side for a while and it is just as green as as anywhere else. We are curious creators by nature,  but there isn’t always dirt to share. For me, it was just time. It was time that gave what I love doing a chance or regret not trying for the rest of life. I am getting married next year and I want to have a family; this could just be the best way I can be a completely available father, and husband. It is a chance for me to write my own legacy, and in time be remembered for something special.

We have wished each-other the very best in our future endeavours and who knows when our paths will cross again. The company is in a better place than it was before it started, as am I. Can you really wish for more than that? To make a difference.

Now I am looking forward. Always looking forward. My future is in my hands and I am going to succeed.

I’ll be focusing Focusing on the following:cropped-400dpilogo1.jpg

  • Life Coaching
  • Social Media Management/Consultancy
  • Professional Blogging

My targets to achieve before the end of next year are as follows:

  • Reach 1000 likes through personal and organic invites only (no paid for likes) on Twitter and Facebook
  • Launch a Udemy Account and produce online courses on the above topics
  • Achieve 20 hours of life coaching
  • Write 20 professional blogs
  • Achieve 200 hours of Social Media Management/Consultancy

Isn’t that a nicer post to read rather….

LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn isn’t a dating site!
LinkedIn is a professional business network. Use it this way or leave.

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