Homer Thinking

Are you messy? Do you swear a lot? Do you sleep less? I am a perpetrator of one of these every other day, infrequently all three. Does this mean I am less intelligent or hold back frequently to save face? Doesn’t really matter I guess. In a strange way, this article makes me think about my late Grandpa.

If my Grandpa were here he would disagree with this article completely as he always Homer Pythagorassaid swearing is a lack of vocabulary. In his old age, however, he was right on the button with the sentiment.


If I asked him to read this article (towards the end) he would have called me at 3 in the morning telling me… “That’s a lot of shite Christopher.” Where I would reply, “No problem Grandpa, that’s fine it is only an article. Why are you up so late? I would undoubtedly ask. He would reply “I couldn’t sleep son so I thought I would tidy the fucking flat”

My Grandpa, by the way, was an extremely intelligent person, go figure.


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