Samsung Safety Truck

I’ll make this one short and sweet as the video really does say it all.

What do you think? Should we see more of this in the UK? Personally, I think we should. I don’t know the exact details of the accident but just a few days ago five people were seriously injured and a Royal Marine Commando died in a crash near Aviemore. 

A spokesman for the Scottish Ambulance Service said: “We sent four ambulances and a helicopter, which was struggling to make it to the scene due to low cloud. We alerted the coastguard, but both air crews were both then stood down after medics decided they were not needed.”

This is a tragedy for all involved especially the 23-year-old Marine. Could accidents like this be avoided, the dark periods in human lives be avoided and the huge monetary implications to attend such accidents be limited if we insisted companies like TNT, Tesco, Royal Mail and major companies that use these trucks to transport goods use this technology?

How long before other technology companies deploy these products?

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