So this happened last month, but first a quick backstory. Electra and I met in March 2014 after being cast together as a kissing couple in a short film.

We stayed in touch after the shoot and Electra actually asked me out on a date, yeah I know what you might be thinking… Why didn’t you ask? Honest answer; never thought I had a chance. Naturally, I said yes and I even bent my own personal rules of cinema first dates. We saw The Grand Budapest Hotel, a brilliant movie by the way. That was the day that it really all started April 5th, 2014.

Key Rings
– Valentines Day gift last year [2016].

Electra works with a fantastic charity called Lung Ha, a theatre company who provides a platform for performers, with physical and learning disabilities to learn and practice theatre acting in Scotland and internationally. Their latest production was Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery. Really good show and if they ever do that one again, you should go see it.

So April 5th this year marked 3 years together, Electra was working on Dr Stirlingshire’s Discovery at Edinburgh Zoo so I didn’t have the option to take Electra out for dinner to celebrate and pop the question in the traditional way. Instead, I arranged with the Edinburgh Zoo staff to hide out in one of their rooms so I could surprise Electra.

So there I was James Bonding it through the grounds so I could hide out in their Mansion House until the show finished. I asked the staff to inform Electra that she is required at the Mansion House. All very hush hush and serious.

The several hours that I had been there I had organised and reorganised the room to achieve some sort of setting. The room wasn’t dressed you see and I didn’t want Electra having to climb over stuff to get to me. I certainly didn’t want her climbing back over it had she said no.


A sign of things to come, this was a photo-shoot we done in Perth for the venue owner.

It was the first time in a long time that I actually noticed how hard my heart was beating as I watched her head to the car park expecting me to be there to pick her up. I watched as she rushed herself through the grounds towards the Mansion House, towards me. Almost in the same way I did several hours prior.


My heart beat calmed down once I couldn’t see her anymore, not really sure why but I guess I knew then, that what I had been planning for a long time was finally about to happen. Now was not a time to panic. Had I started to panic I would have fumbled my words, and not taken in (or remembered) what a magical moment that was about to take place.

Engagement Ring

The moment had come, I asked Electra to marry me. To my joy, she said yes.

Much of our plans for the wedding will remain private. Suppliers might get shout-outs depending on service received and discounts offered. We may still share breadcrumbs as we head towards the big day so look out for them.

Thank you to everyone for their congratulations and well wishes up to this point and the thank you to everyone in advance after reading this post.

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