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Based in Edinburgh, Christopher McPhillips Communications turn the daunting puzzle of marketing, social media, branding and communications and turn them into a palatable portions. First impressions mean something, they really do but it’s never too late to start over and everyone Christopher McPhillips Communications are determined to help you create a great impression on your customers.

With that said, there is no point in talking the talk without being able to walk the walk. Whether you’re in the market for shiny new social channels to be created because you don’t have any or if you want your current channels to receive a good sanding and polish, a new corporate message or image or just want to improve your standing on the worlds premium search engines. We have the tools, the talent and the thirst to help you achieve what you want to achieve.

We have many satisfied clients throughout the Central Belt in Scotland and further reach across the country. We specialise in a tailored consultancy service for content marketing and social media marketing and management. Inclusion is one of our values and we cater for new businesses, small one person businesses, SME’s and corporate sized companies. If you are looking for attractive websites we have the connections to help you along the way. A well built fully functional website can lead to increased business and with Christopher McPhillips Communications you know we got your back. Why not get in touch or arrange to meet us for a fancy coffee and tell us your story?  We can help you through quality partners get a website, e-commerce store. We can directly help you with your marketing plan that puts your needs front and centre, and right next your needs is your customers.

What We Do


We offer a full marketing and social media consultancy including a full year plan of content topics to write about. We get to know you, your company and your customers


Professional blogging and copy-writing services. Sometimes you have an idea of what but don’t know how or when. We have you covered. 

Social Media can be time consuming. We help you along the way we can look after your social media accounts for you. Then you can get on with running your business.

Life and Executive Coaching is a progressive way of improving you and reach your goals.

Our Previous Clients

We Do More

We can help you with complete refit, redecoration and interior design. Sometimes you have to treat your staff, as well as your customers.

Our Affiliate Referral programme is becoming one of the most popular around. We work with hand picked companies and go the extra mile to secure good deals and introductions to the companies we actually use ourselves.

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